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Taming the Tulips

We ordered these deep purple french tulips for a lesson at FlowerSchool New York. Normally french tulips are extra long and have characteristically large heads. These were none of the above. As they matured though, I learned that their beauty lies in the multi-petal tepal count. A week and a half later they are still strong and unfurling. A little different than what we had in mind, but beautiful nonetheless.IMG_7144IMG_1675IMG_1556 IMG_1605 IMG_1613 IMG_1638 IMG_1643 IMG_1645IMG_1686 IMG_1690Floral Arrangement and Photography Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.

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5 thoughts on “Taming the Tulips

  1. botanicart on said:

    Just beautiful!!!!

  2. Incredible color, beautiful compositions, Beth!

  3. Lovely purple, with the tint of black pussy willow! Fresh, contemporary, yet sophiscated with the silver/golden touch! Really love it.

  4. Charlotte Neuville on said:

    That deep inky purple is so extraordinary! I photographed nearly black-purple lilies this weekend at a wedding to try to capture them later in sugar paste.

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