Remembering 30

Remembering 30

Nine years ago today I turned thirty and took myself to Paris, the city of my heart. My dear friend, Joy, joined me and we arrived in Paris on a bitter cold birthday morning. We stayed in a friend’s apartment in Montmartre and made our way to a warm, cozy cafe to have an early lunch. A rare Parisian snow began to fall while we were eating at a local cafe. As one who loves snow, this was the icing on my birthday cake. What a way to welcome in 30! I remain forever grateful.My ‘Amelie’ tribute.One of Joy’s photos, above.Revisiting the Mije, a youth hostel, where I spent my first few nights in Paris when I studied there one summer in my twenties.

The day we visited the Tour Eiffel the top was shrouded in fog.


Scanned and printed photographs by Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle, unless otherwise noted.



  • by Randy, post on | Reply

    Happy Birthday Beth. Has 10 years gone by? You still look 29!

    We love you, Randy and Joy.

    • by sweetsabelle, post on | Reply

      You are too kind, Randy! Thank you!

  • by Lisa Gallo, post on | Reply

    Oh, Bethy, those photos are beautiful. And the MIJE!! Where our friendship started! Have fun with the blog and thank you for sharing the beauty you find. It’s been good to “stop and SEE the flowers”!

    • by Joy Robertson, post on | Reply

      My sweet Beth! The coldest winter in Paris in recorded history, such a good excuse for stopping for chocolat chaud every block! A priceless memory, now what about next year?
      All my love, joy

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