Online Shelter

Online Shelter

As a visual person, I have always loved magazines. I have trunks-full of scrapbooks created in my youth with collages from torn magazine clippings. In our eco-friendly world, there is an online magazine that fills the visual void domino magazine left when it closed its doors in March 2009. Launched in October 2009 and headed by former domino magazine market editor Michelle Adams, Lonny, a bi-monthly online lifestyle and home decor magazine strives to, “open the doors to accessible design.” And that they do! With hovering links the reader can click on to obtain sources, design has never been this ‘right at your fingertips.’ Though I can no longer make my paper collages, I am happy to cull from their beautiful online pages and create a new kind of collage here for you. And just released, the domino special edition will be available on newsstands April 17, 2012!




  • by Bridget Vizoso, post on | Reply

    great post!

    • by sweetsabelle, post on | Reply

      thank you, bridget!

  • by Ann, post on | Reply

    Thank you for my fifteen minute” get-a-way”. I’ve so enjoyed browsing through your blog!

    • by sweetsabelle, post on | Reply

      I’m glad you enjoyed!

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