Orange February: The Gates Central Park

Orange February: The Gates Central Park

Exactly seven years ago, Artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude unveiled their Gates project in New York’s Central Park. For three weeks in February New Yorkers were given the gift of bright swaths of saffron orange dancing through the center of the city. I made my commute to work everyday through the park so I was able to witness The Gates from their beginnings when they were cordoned out with orange cone markers, to orange frames standing guard, to their orange curtains unfurling, through to their sad dismantling. I loved them everyday. I loved how the sunlight shone through the bright orange sheets making branch patterns on both sides respectively. I loved walking under a bright-orange warm canopy on a bitter cold sunny morning. I loved how they seemed to dance in time to the wind, or to make their own rhythm as one swath would get caught up on a pole. I loved them in the snow, in the rain, or as reflections in a cold, wet, February puddle. They enveloped night-strollers through the park and seemed to blend into the orange glow of the lights in the dark. Yes, I loved them everyday. And thank you, Alicia, for forgiving my tardiness  as I was savoring The Gates each morning on my way to work.

As seen from above, The Gates are being mapped out.

My video of The Gates unfurling.

The Gates from above.

One day I was greeted by oranges strategically placed on all of the sculptures along Literary Walk at the south end of the Mall.

The Gates leaving the park.

All photography and video by Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.





  • by Karen, post on | Reply

    I loved them too! Such a beautiful gift to the city! Thanks for reminding me about this truly magical time!

  • by sweetsabelle, post on | Reply

    You’re welcome, Karen! Thanks for visiting!

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