Ode to the Exquisite: L. Becker Flowers

Ode to the Exquisite: L. Becker Flowers

If you are in need of escape, L. Becker Flowers on East 83rd St. is just the place. The dappled ‘Swedish Light’ as Mr. Becker appropriately calls it, filters into the narrow space and lights on collected treasures of the exquisite. Glassware and vessels, rare objects and furniture, every direction gives nod to delight. The flowers are pretty exquisite, too. He brought out some of his press images and every one was as stunning as I imagined it would be. And he was kind and open as he shared stories of his early days working in London at the famed Pulbrook & Gould and back in the states where he found work at Renny when it was on East 62nd St. Now if he would only compose a book to share his gifted talent for culling the exquisite in whatever realm he chooses.

*UPDATE* L. Becker Flowers has closed up shop in New York City as of August 2019.




Above images Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.

Scan 1

Fritillaria hermonis ssp. amana arranged in an antique Wedgwood creamware ewer with a snake handle and enamel-painted leaf decoration. Fritillaria arrangement photograph courtesy of L. Becker Flowers.


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