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I had the rare pleasure of revisiting my childhood home recently. It is a uniquely beautiful story I felt too lovely not to share. My brother’s contracting company, Seneca Remodeling, had a kitchen project they were putting the finishing touches on. My Dad was remarking how touched he was that the owners had only given the kitchen a new modern face, that it’s bones were merely freshly updated. My Dad tells this story with a sense of gratitude because he is the original architect of this very same house that I grew up in, the very same house which my brother is doing the remodeling work on.

I showed up with an armful of flowers in hand to photograph the kitchen and breakfast-nook addition which Seneca built five years ago. I was quite embarrassed as the lovely owner had created a beautiful bouquet of flowers picked right from her yard, and the spaces were just so beautiful on their own that not much decoration was needed.

There is something so sweetly comforting in knowing that the people who have been living in my childhood home for 25 years are making the changes which extend the life and love of the home I called home. Even more so because my Dad is the architect. Even more so because my brother is making those changes. Thank you with sincere gratitude to The Wright Family!

IMG_1919IMG_1948IMG_1917IMG_1922IMG_1923IMG_1929IMG_1957IMG_1910IMG_1916IMG_1947IMG_1940IMG_1962IMG_1949IMG_1952IMG_1965IMG_1964IMG_1966Photography Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.

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3 thoughts on “Revisiting

  1. Love love love this! Looks exactly the same. Did they also put an addition where the table is? I don’t remember the space being as big.

  2. Joy Kennedy on said:

    Ahh! Home Sweet Home How nice to revisit this very special home. Hats off to your Dad and Ben, my best to them and all. Love, Joy

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