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The MET’s Roof Garden Commission: Imran Qureshi

The Metropolitan Museum of Art presents their latest Roof Garden Commission by Imran Qureshi opening today, May 14, through November 3, 2013. This year’s two-dimensional “roof canvas” is the first such installation where an artist has painted directly onto the Roof’s surface. Pakistani born Imran Qureshi’s red-splattered roof reveals a myriad trail of opulent, multi-petaled flowers. Echoing Central Park’s green leaves just over the Roof’s railing, Qureshi’s red leaves seem to offer hope amidst the chaos of what appear to be blood-stained roof tiles. The MET released a quote where Imran Qureshi describes his work as such: “The dialogue between life and death is an important element in my work. Leaves and nature, for example, represent the idea of life. And the particular color of red that I have been using in recent years can look so real, like blood. The red reminds me of the situation today in my country, Pakistan, and in the world around us, where violence is almost a daily occurrence. But somehow, people still have hope. The flowers that seem to emerge from the red paint in my work represent the hope that-despite everything-the people sustain somehow, their hope for a better future.”

The message is clear and can be found found in the most unexpected places. In art as in Life itself. One only has to look.

IMG_3502IMG_3466IMG_3475IMG_3473IMG_3469IMG_3471IMG_3474IMG_3476IMG_3477IMG_3478IMG_3480IMG_3488IMG_3489IMG_3503IMG_3505IMG_3506IMG_3508IMG_3509IMG_3513Artist Imran QureshiIMG_3520IMG_3524Photography Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.

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