Welcome to Goa, India

Welcome to Goa, India

After a long, long, long journey ferried by three different airplanes I arrived in Goa, India. It was midnight Goan-time and an hour’s taxi ride would get me to my final lodging destination. The warm, late-night taxi ride along the windy roads of Goa roused my wearied senses from an airplane cocoon. The smell of gasoline wafted through the tiny truck as I braced my tired body over every oncoming speed bump. My ears were greeted with the recurring ‘beep’ ‘beep’ as the driver passed bicycles, buses, cars and scooters, and they ‘beep’ ‘beeped’ in our wake. And my bleary eyes were greeted with the bright Goan architecture which runs in blues and yellows, pinks and reds, right up to the narrow roads and bedecked in twinkling, decorative lights. All the while dogs and late-night revelers shared the road either on foot or at local bars spilling out into the streets. I certainly wasn’t in New York anymore. I felt grateful for the adventure to begin.

 I joined Bridget, of Bridget Vizoso Design, who had arrived three days earlier to begin floral work on her client’s wedding. This first set of pictures are from hotel stay number one, The Royal Haathi Mahal Resort Hotel. Our two big adjoining rooms were perfect to spread out and get some of the preliminary prep work completed.































 The Indian cream as it dissolved in my coffee one morning.


 Love how things translate…Enter and Exit…





 Bridget’s beautiful garlands for the groom and bride.

 Above photos Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle (except me by the pool, by Bridget).

 Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 2.54.05 PM

 Bridget took this of us working away in her room.



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    Very nice!!!! Hope we get to see more!!! 🙂

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      Thank you, definitely more, you know me and my camera 😉 !!

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    Love this…u should be writing novels! will there be more?

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      Thank you, Jenn! Definitely more!

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