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Steamy, Tropical Morning: A Pool Party for a Wedding in Goa, India

Day two of Bridget’s Goan wedding found us setting up a morning party poolside. I keep describing this job as a marathon of wedding jobs. There was absolutely no stopping, even with a sprained ankle. And Bridget gets the award as she awoke each morning at 4 to scour the Goan streets searching for interesting local foliage. For the pool party, she scored a passion vine which was perfect for trailing down the tables, complete with little, mini, hairy-skinned passion flowers.

In Bridget’s meetings with the bride, they agreed that they wanted each of the three parties to have a very different look and feel. After the grey, white and tan scheme of the beach party, the pool party’s tropical brights were a refreshing lift to guests who had partied all night long. Local torch ginger paired with Indian orange and pink roses were just the right amount of pop to play off the black and white Indian block print floral fabric. Fresh local fruit ran down the tables interspersed with mini pineapple in cement-covered vessels.

The tables were housed under Hollywood Regency-inspired tents Bridget designed and had fabricated by the local production company, Crosscraft. Just right for a steamy morning in Goa.IMG_6441IMG_6442IMG_6439IMG_6438IMG_6432IMG_6430IMG_6445IMG_6447IMG_6453IMG_6463IMG_6458Goan passion vine.IMG_6468IMG_6470Rain Dance poolside.IMG_6464Could never get a straight answer, I think this was a sugar cane press making juice for the partygoers.

Photography Beth Horta.

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