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Kitchen Garden for a King

Thank goodness for FlowerSchool New York’s Creative Director, Eileen Johnson, and her ability to hone in on a good idea. The theme for the Horticultural Society’s dinner this year was ‘Great Gardens.’ Vast indeed. After a few tries, she landed on a potager, or traditional French kitchen garden. Well, anything French sends me into swoons of imagination. A kitchen garden it would be. And one fit for Le Roi himself, Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. Eileen lent her personal french linens and napkins which set a beautiful tone for the french potager. Our facilities manager at school, Jesse Lebus, built a sweet little rustic box for our plants and fabricated a great sign to designate our garden. Our focus was edible plants and a few decorative, colorful blooms. We filled our box with lavender and rosemary, green and red lettuce, purple basil and mint. Each setting at the table was given a rustic ceramic pot filled with mint, lavender, pansies and the most perfect little blooming strawberry plants. Complete with quotes about the sun king and his garden, the table was almost good enough to eat!IMG_0658IMG_0659IMG_0664IMG_0667IMG_0676IMG_0685IMG_0731IMG_0733IMG_0734IMG_0750IMG_0656Photography Beth Horta

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