Brighter Days with Fig & Squill Floral Design

Brighter Days with Fig & Squill Floral Design

As we round our third gray and rainy day on the east coast, an early morning chat with dear friend Laura Seita of Fig & Squill reminded me of greener, brighter days. The breach in the event world caused by the coronavirus pandemic has clarified our interconnectivity. I am grateful that during past summers I have been called to work with Laura and her floral design company that distinctively makes wedding dreams come true. Their recent events have been involuntarily small, forcing them and similar companies to facilitate those events with far fewer hands, thus employing far fewer people as compared with normal times.

With this string of gray days, what better time to take a stroll down a green garden lane. Laura’s green garden that is. She and her husband have thoughtfully and magically transformed their three hundred ten year old cape-style home and garden since leaving New York City in the autumn of 2011. It has been a treat to experience the progress over the past few summers and to take part in their Rhode Island oasis. This city dweller delighted in picking heirloom tomatoes off the vine for nightly meals and having a library of herbs available for any recipe. She has finished construction on her floral design studio in her backyard. I look forward to the days of travel and bigger jobs on the other side of this pandemic to take part in her wondrous haven, once more. Here are a few colorful photos of her garden and a couple of the stunning events I’ve been lucky enough to have been a part of. Here’s to brighter days (no joke, the sun just answered with a ray of light through my city window 🙂 ).

iPhone snaps by Beth Horta.



  • by Dawn Hubbard, post on | Reply

    I can’t wait for brighter days!

    • by sweetsabelle, post on | Reply

      Amen, Sister!

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