Celestial Magic: Zaha Hadid’s 520 W 28

Celestial Magic: Zaha Hadid’s 520 W 28

I had a chance date with my six-year-old son one Saturday night recently while waiting to pick up his sister. We unexpectedly found ourselves walking the High Line at dusk, a novel occurrence for both of us these days. In truth, I was on a quest for Westworld season 4 habitats, strange, I know. But the city has changed so much in the area around the end of the High Line and Hudson Yards in the last few years and I was curious to see it at night.

We never made it as far as Hudson Yards but I was happily greeted by Zaha Hadid’s residential building, 520 W 28, that I had posted about not too long ago in an article here. I was just as taken with the building at night as I was in the daytime. The Sculpture Deck featured pieces by Les Lalanne, Au Grande Air, as part of Kasmin Sculpture Gallery’s rooftop sculpture garden. And the 75 foot sky lit pool was visibly glowing green in the night’s light. Maybe it’s all of the curves, a modern Saarinen, that speak to me. Or that a woman architect seems to have broken some glass ceiling (this is a great New York Times article about her ground-breaking career). Whatever it may be, I’m sure my appreciation will appreciate!

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