A New Leaf: Week 3

A New Leaf: Week 3

I’m in Week 3 on the bean protocol and it’s getting easier. The shopping, the prepping the preparing and the eating, all of it is feeling more intuitive and familiar. I traveled a few nights away from home and brought my beans, everyone thought I was crazy of course, but got to get them in! My body is adjusting to the fiber influx and I am feeling less bloated after meals. Following the protocol is feeling more fluid and normal.

I made it through the Valentine’s work rush (as a florist) on the protocol. The headache that I wrote about last Sunday morning where I took two Extra Strength Tylenol turned into a bigger one. I had to take a Sumatriptan, my prescription-strength migraine medication, to knock it out. I experienced slight head discomfort after being around perfumes in both the flowers and the designers I worked closely with in the three-day Valentines lead up. I wore a mask and stood by the opened windows. By Tuesday’s Valentine’s Day I was feeling head strain, but luckily not strong enough to warrant medication. I also experienced a slight headache on Friday after being around perfumes and fragrances at a gymnastics competition. However, two Extra Strength Tylenol kept it at bay. The ambient fragrances surrounding us just by living in the world feels like a steep challenge. The hotel and competition venue both had synthetic fragrances wafting about. What is our obsession with unnatural fragrances these days? Being conscious of it, I am aware of the many manufactured sweet scents in my orbit. Why is that so and what are the ramifications to our immune systems? I’m getting a headache just thinking about them!

That’s really all to report. Having far fewer headaches feels worth eating all the beans in the world! My cholesterol levels were elevated in my last blood work check at the beginning of the year. I look forward to seeing their levels become healthy as I am sure they will be with all of this soluble fiber I am consciously nourishing my body with. And because my blood sugar levels are not being pushed to extremes with excess sugars I am not hungry in between meals. The soluble fibers take longer to digest thus keeping that satiated feeling for longer stretches. Eating the three super balanced meals fuels my body and my head. If I have the munchies, I snack on cashews. The good protein, iron and magnesium act as natural headache blockers. I am slowly being changed from the inside out. I feel a natural desire to put the best nutrients in so that my body treats me just as good. It’s so basic and simple. Our culture can offer up loads of crap. It’s up to us to return to the healthy basics that have been here all along. Now for getting better sleep!

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    Fantastic!! So happy you are finding things that work!!!

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      Thank you dear Kady!!

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