A New Leaf: Week 5

A New Leaf: Week 5

Five weeks at this. Going deep and getting to core issues. Reminding myself that I am worth it. That this process will be worth it. Bolstering my resolve as I write through a migraine cloud. It came on yesterday morning and I thought it would be a manageable headache. But it grew in intensity and its location migrated in my head. By late evening it was moving from the middle of my head to my right eye. I knew I would have trouble sleeping so I took my last prescription Sumatriptan. Sunday morning finds it still lingering. Not terrible like it was, but it’s there under the medication if that makes any sense.

I’ll keep carrying on of course. I find myself a little worn out though. A little tired of retracing the possible triggers. What was it this time? I’ve been doing really well with what I consume. Though I was at a gymnastics competition Friday afternoon. Was it the fragrances that are more prevalent in that environment? Guess I should go back to wearing a mask at those events. Was it stress and worry? Not enough water? Uggh. Truthfully I am tired of the questions. Maybe it was the meat in the stew I brought to eat in my salad with beans at the competition? The stew was made on Sunday. Meat that is not fresh contains tyramine, the result of a breakdown in the proteins. I’ve learned that my body does not process tyramine in foods. Perhaps that was the trigger? I don’t want to waste good food but I’ve also got to be mindful of my triggers.

But, it has been a pretty good stretch without needing prescription-strength medication, the last time being January 31, nope, it was February 12 as I reread my weekly posts! Well, I’ll remind myself that this is a process. Keep up my meditating, journaling, digging. And eating the right things and drinking lots of water like I have been doing. And reminding my family that the fragrances that they apply to their bodies and hair is triggering pain in me. It’s all worth it. I’m worth it. That’s all I’ve got today. Have a good week all!

My little guy drew this on Sunday and we might have the opportunity to travel to Europe this summer that I learned about on Monday, sparkle sparkle!

Love learning from my Japanese friends at work. They bring their food in fabric wraps. I do the same now.

We had a light dusting midweek, the first bit of snow this winter.

I had a rare twin yoke this week!

iPhone snaps Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.


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