A New Leaf: Week 16 Stability

A New Leaf: Week 16 Stability

Four months now on the thyroid and headache-healing bean protocol and the weeks are rolling together swiftly and seamlessly. I think this was one of the few weeks where I stayed keenly true to the protocol and there was not one slight nod to pain, none! Its really gelling and the food prep is easier and becoming second hand.

It was another full week with event work on The Whitney Gala with David Stark Design and then travel work with Fig & Squill in Rhode Island, (where even though I am called to work, it is a delight to be in the rarified world of Laura Seita, as you can witness in the photos from breakfasts in her garden below). I have worked with her in the past and have each time returned home with a migraine. With my growing list of no no foods, it is nearly impossible for others to try and work around my dietary needs. So this time I brought all of my food and made it simpler for her and for me! That was the trick. If I want to keep my head clear, I need to be very clear about what I know works for me. I’m learning! It feels so empowering to finally feel like I have a handle on this headache-healing journey. And to not worry about convention or what works for other people. But to stay true to me. A good motto all around!Vignette from The Whitney Museum of American Art.

Such a thoughtful gift from Laura. I look forward to diving in and expanding my bean repertoire!

iPhone snaps Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.



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    Lovely post. I miss both of you talented people!

    • by sweetsabelle, post on | Reply

      Thank you, Eileen ♥️

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