A New Leaf: Week 17 Shimmer

A New Leaf: Week 17 Shimmer

This was a big week in ways I won’t get into but for those of you who know, you know. A tsunami of emotions and experiences and much to be deeply grateful for. Taylor Swift delivered beyond wildest dreams for this mother of a sixteen-year-old obsessed, who’s becoming as well. She got us through deep trauma, truly, it would have been a dark dark time if not for the joy of her shows (thanks to two savvy teenagers I was able to get a ticket, too!).

I managed to eat very well, except for the longest days. I had a headache through the biggest one and I know exactly why. All this to say, the formula truly works. To have found a very reasonable routine is the special sauce this chickie has been hungering for. I treated myself to some still-warm Levain cookies that a dear family sent to cheer my daughter after her trauma. After everything from the week, I just had to, they were still warm I mentioned. Oh sweet heaven. They were all the more treasured after four months without sugar. I am happy to report that the natural ingredients in the freshly made cookies did not set off a headache. Thyroid may be another story, but to find a sweet I could indulge in down the road is “sweet like honey” (for you Swifties ;).

Morning meditating/journaling time going strong.

New York famous Levain Bakery cookies.

iPhone snaps Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.


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