A New Leaf: Weeks 20-23

A New Leaf: Weeks 20-23

I’m condensing three, now four weeks as time is rolling along busy with family duties, jobs and events. Grateful for the happenings and obligations. And for the health that affords the full pace. Summer officially kicked off in Week 20. We had Father’s Day festivities with a large family gathering in Virginia, I was back in Washington, D.C. for a job on the solstice and the Canadian wildfire smoke reared its ugly head again in the States two weeks ago.

Headache abatement continues to work! In my fifth month, I am very careful to avoid sugar, caffeine, dairy, most gluten, all supplements, and I consume protein, bean and plant-rich meals three times a day, along with a focus on water hydration. I noticed a few things feeling off after the heavy work days and travel where I couldn’t be in control of what I ate. Note to self, stay away from bagels! The weeks really are rolling along so smoothly. If I adhere to my alloweds and not alloweds (here is a great list from Week 6’s post) I stay in good shape headache-free.

An insurance-induced thyroid medication snafu left me feeling over-tired and with stiff muscles in Weeks 21 and 22, but I noticed a huge improvement in energy and muscle fluidity after my medication got back on track. So that means I am not yet in a medication-free place with my thyroid health. As we are in summer, turning down sweet treats feels to be more of a struggle. I am in a good place and the motivation to feel good outweighs any momentary temptation but it’s definitely harder somehow as the weather is hotter, and gatherings are more frequent.

I hope you’re enjoying the start to your summer, get it while it lasts, be well!

Flowering with Park & Bloom.June 29, 2023 Long Island City, looking West.A new drone show for the Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks show as seen in Long Island City.We saw arses for the first half of the show. The crowd this year was huge and very self-involved, standing and selfies galore all throughout the show.Summer reading list with the little.iPhone snaps Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.



  • by Joy Kennedy, post on | Reply

    Busy busy!! Family games t shirts !! Happy Summer! Love the beautiful fireworks shots! And good books!
    Much love,

    • by sweetsabelle, post on | Reply

      Thank you, Joy!

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