The MET’s Reopening

While our collective burdens grow heavier nearly by the day, there was one bright spot this past week. I was invited to attend the Press Preview before The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s reopening on August 29, 2020, in its celebratory one hundred-and-fiftieth year. One of my favorite museums in the city because of its generous […]

“Joy in Beauty:” The Collection of Mrs. Paul Mellon, Sotheby’s

I don’t usually find myself in places like Sotheby’s or famous auction houses. But there was something about the collection of Rachel Lambert “Bunny” Mellon that called me to visit. Her estate auction titled, Property from the Collection of Mrs. Paul Mellon, begins Thursday in the famed New York auction house, and the preview exhibition is open to […]

18th Century Paper Flowers: Mary Delany

I was turned onto the incredible paper-tissue botanical creations by Mary Delany by a kindred fab florist friend and I was immediately smitten. Even more so when I learned that Mrs. Delany was in her seventies when she created most of these exquisite, “Paper-Mosaicks,” totaling almost 1,700, all around the same time as George Washington […]

Collected Treasures: Lawton Mull

I was invited recently to tour and photograph the showroom that houses the exquisite collection of Lawton Mull, collectors and sellers of fine art, objects, furniture and more. From the first greeting with a beautiful plate of cookies, to my last look at the space as the sun was leaving its waning rays across the […]

TriBeCa Cool, Steven Sclaroff

While walking down White Street in TriBeCa the other day my eye was drawn to a very large suzani hanging on a wall through glass-paneled doors. I stopped in my tracks and was led to investigate. I had happened upon the venerable Steven Sclaroff’s home design store filled with his highly curated collection of vintage […]