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Collected Treasures: Lawton Mull

I was invited recently to tour and photograph the showroom that houses the exquisite collection of Lawton Mull, collectors and sellers of fine art, objects, furniture and more. From the first greeting with a beautiful plate of cookies, to my last look at the space as the sun was leaving it’s waning rays across the room, my eye was filled with intrigue, curiosity and delight. I am accused sometimes of including too many pictures, but I hope you enjoy the journey through the collected treasures of Lawton Mull. As you can see, I thoroughly did!IMG_6989IMG_6995IMG_6999IMG_7002IMG_7074IMG_7075IMG_7179IMG_7210IMG_7183IMG_7187IMG_7185IMG_7024IMG_7035IMG_7022IMG_7025IMG_7030IMG_7015IMG_7176IMG_7189IMG_7016IMG_7188IMG_7121IMG_7211IMG_7137IMG_7068IMG_7061IMG_7005IMG_7142IMG_7144IMG_7088IMG_7097IMG_7007IMG_7008IMG_7012IMG_7082IMG_7098IMG_7042IMG_7192IMG_6994Lawton Mull repurposed this beautiful table with hundreds of pheasant feathers.
IMG_7199IMG_7197IMG_7038IMG_7057IMG_7109IMG_7167IMG_7168IMG_7178IMG_7177IMG_7166IMG_7164IMG_7147IMG_7056IMG_7055IMG_7045IMG_7054IMG_7041IMG_7122IMG_7131IMG_7134IMG_7111IMG_7115IMG_7112IMG_7118IMG_7119IMG_7163IMG_7102IMG_7101IMG_7153IMG_7154IMG_7156IMG_7155Photography Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.

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