The Next Best Thing: Monet’s Garden

The Next Best Thing: Monet’s Garden

It flew past me on a fast moving-bus. Monet’s Garden. But that’s all that was needed to pique my curiosity. Whatever it was I was going to try and get there. And indeed I did. Well, Monet’s Garden at The New York Botanical Garden that is. The show is a stunning recreation of the flowers that inspired Monet in creating his garden at Giverny, complete with a miniature Pont Japonaise. Poppies, Hollyhock, Foxglove, Hydrangea, Lupine, Delphinium, Roses, Iris, Wisteria, and of course, the famed Water Lilies. The color ranges and juxtapositions are marvelous. We can’t all jump on a plane to be inspired by Monet’s Giverny. However, if you find yourself in New York before October 21, I highly recommend a visit. The Claude Monet Foundation is a great resource to learn about the artist Claude Monet and his garden at Giverny.

Photography Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.



  • by Joseph Castelo, post on | Reply

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to tell Abigail that Monet’s “traveling garden” has arrived. Thanks for this post!

    • by sweetsabelle, post on | Reply

      A girl after my own heart! She will love it!

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