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Fit for an Indian Wedding: The Leela Goa

We’re almost to the first party. My experiences in Goa were too enchanting not to share. The stage is set. The Leela Goa was the perfect host for the festivities to follow. Next stop, the first event of the wedding, The Beach Party. Until then, here’s The Leela Goa.IMG_6791IMG_6793IMG_6792IMG_6269Bridget created these beautiful garlands to adorn the entry promenade offerings.IMG_6266IMG_6132IMG_6133IMG_6137IMG_6279Again, nothing like a Coke in the heat.IMG_6282IMG_6283IMG_6284IMG_6193The Leela Goa has it’s own greenhouse on the grounds. It was the perfect place for Bridget to keep the plants she had gotten at local nurseries to use in the parties. And the head gardener was kind enough to care for them until they were needed for the festivities.
IMG_6194Moss-encrusted coconut shells which they loaned to us for use in the Pool Party arrangements.IMG_6195IMG_6203IMG_6204IMG_6205IMG_6208IMG_6220IMG_6411IMG_6412IMG_6119IMG_6124IMG_6156IMG_6161IMG_6255The drummers for the arriving guests.IMG_6259IMG_6251Mother of the Bride’s painted hands.IMG_6250IMG_6415Reception flowers.IMG_6400Love these light strands lighting the way to the beach party.
IMG_6405IMG_6399IMG_6410IMG_6228Photography Beth Horta.

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3 thoughts on “Fit for an Indian Wedding: The Leela Goa

  1. botanicart on said:

    So so beautiful!!!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing it.

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