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A beach kick-off for an Indian Wedding in Goa

The first party to kick off the wedding festivities was held on Mobor Beach under the stars. Bridget’s color palette was a perfect reflection of the Goan sand, sky and sea. Pale-grey crushed gauze tablecloths, 2,500 collected oyster shells shipped from New York, jute rope accents, driftwood and shells were all fitting elements for a pārtī on the sand. Bridget incorporated succulents and plant cuttings from local nurseries along with the bravely foraged floral and plant material she found at the crack of dawn for three mornings straight into beautiful windswept table arrangements. I love the purple blossom she collected which line every road in Goa.

The party was framed with a perimeter of billowing, gauzy ribbons on bamboo poles, lanterns on shepherd’s hooks and torches. What a welcome for the 300 guests!

IMG_6159Bridget orchestrating where to place the bamboo poles and lanterns with the local production company, Crosscraft.IMG_6158IMG_6157IMG_6241When we moved over to the Leela from our first hotel, our bags were carried on top of the taxi as Bridget had filled the vehicle with foraged plant material early that morning.
IMG_6242IMG_6243IMG_6275Local tropical material arrived for day 2’s party just about the time we needed to be setting up for day one’s beach party.IMG_6276IMG_6280Our sweet Goan helpers holding the boxes of arrangements steady as we hauled them to the beach in the hotel’s ‘buggy.’
IMG_6281IMG_6362IMG_6340IMG_6363IMG_6327IMG_6307IMG_6303IMG_6330IMG_6341IMG_6348IMG_6350IMG_6358IMG_6371IMG_6372IMG_6383IMG_6392IMG_6396IMG_6366A block of ice waiting to chill coconuts for guests was just right for cooling down a twisted ankle.IMG_6367IMG_6407Above photos Beth Horta.Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 2.56.11 PMBridget took this of the party as it was just kicking off.

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2 thoughts on “A beach kick-off for an Indian Wedding in Goa

  1. Joy Robertson on said:

    Loving every post on this great great excursion, working in exotic locations is tough! Sorry for the ankle injury, that’s tough with so much more to do!

    Sent from my iPad

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