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Corals and Pinks for an Indian Groom and Bride

Our marathon floral job has come to a close. This is the last hurrah. The amaryllis, coral charm peonies and astilbe from Holland have held up and the tables are ready for the last night’s party. Bridget’s fabricated pagoda-shaped structures have been draped with hundreds of feet of plumosa fern garlands, and the candelabrum have been festooned in a delicate, local, coral-colored bloom. A beautiful finale for a beautiful couple. “Kudos,” to Bridget and the Designers’ Co-op, and thank you for bringing me along on your Indian Adventure. It will live with me forever.

Please visit The Designers’ Co-op’s blog, Muse Park, here, for their detailed account of the making of this Indian Wedding.
IMG_6480IMG_6483IMG_6495IMG_6498IMG_6505IMG_6513IMG_6515IMG_6519IMG_6523IMG_6541IMG_6540IMG_6568IMG_6570IMG_6581IMG_6539Thousands of local, coral-colored blossoms make up these floral-garland covered candelabrum. The Indian florists who wove them did so with superhuman dexterity and speed.IMG_6585IMG_6601IMG_6603 IMG_6610IMG_6738IMG_6741IMG_6742IMG_6746IMG_6748IMG_6749Photography Beth Horta.

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One thought on “Corals and Pinks for an Indian Groom and Bride

  1. Hello Beth! I remember you talking about India while I was taking courses at FSNY. I think Indian wedding is one of the most beauful parts of Hindu culture and you’ve definitely witnessed it!

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