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Fall Spectrum

We visited friends recently upstate and caught the last glimpse of the fall colors up North. Disclaimer: There are a lot of photos here. But all of the colors were just too brilliant to edit out. I’m pretty sure I captured the rainbow’s full spectrum, something I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t witnessed it myself! There were still a few blooms hanging on in the garden, and then our journey in the woods fleshed out that rainbow scale. The woods are alive with wonder. I hope you can experience some yourself!IMG_9168IMG_9169IMG_9167IMG_9166IMG_9165IMG_9170IMG_9176IMG_9178IMG_9191IMG_9179IMG_9190IMG_9188IMG_9189IMG_9192IMG_9193IMG_9194IMG_9195IMG_9200IMG_9201IMG_9208IMG_9210IMG_9213IMG_9216IMG_9218IMG_9221IMG_9222IMG_9229IMG_9230IMG_9234IMG_9235IMG_9237IMG_9244IMG_9248IMG_9254IMG_9258IMG_9259IMG_9249IMG_9274IMG_9279IMG_9280IMG_9286IMG_9288IMG_9289IMG_9291IMG_9297IMG_9299IMG_9300IMG_9304IMG_9305IMG_9308IMG_9309IMG_9310IMG_9313IMG_9317IMG_9318IMG_9321IMG_9328IMG_9330IMG_9331IMG_9332IMG_9333IMG_9335IMG_9338IMG_9348IMG_9354IMG_9355IMG_9356IMG_9360IMG_9362IMG_9364IMG_9374IMG_9376Photography Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.

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3 thoughts on “Fall Spectrum

  1. Beautiful photographs as usual, Beth! So inspiring.

  2. Thank you so much, Charlotte!

  3. margaret was on said:

    ❤️ Love these pictures. I think you have one of bittersweet growing naturally. Very hard to find with new developments everywhere.
    Love you so much Moma

    Sent from my iPad


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