Blue Skies: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In August 2015 we traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to pick up our daughter who had been staying with Vovó (her Grandmother) for a month by herself. As I find myself in the middle of The Covid Pandemic of 2020 with these two countries at the top of the case counts these pictures of adventure and discovery take on a whole new symbolism. I am filled with Gratitude that there are places like this to discover in the world but I also say a prayer of health and peace for the two countries I hold most dear and for the People in each that I Love. Be Well.

iPhone snaps Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.


  1. Dear Beth,

    Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures. I believe your daughter had a wonderful experience in her life.

    I still feel so lucky and grateful to meet you in the flower class. Before pandemic, did you teach flower classes somewhere in NYC? And Beth, do you think people are afraid of buying flowers Right now due to they might be think virus on flowers or packages? Hope we will be back to normal In the early of next year. 😊

    Stay safe and healthy!


    Sent from my iPad

  2. How happy we are to be able to remember such special moments with people we love so much. Thank you for including us in your wonderful photos and for the gift I received from you two 9 months later … my beloved godson.

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