A New Leaf: Week 7 Wonder

A New Leaf: Week 7 Wonder

I don’t have much this week. It was a smooth week, nothing really significant to report. The best thing is that this smoothness represents a growing headache-free rhythm to my days. I felt an ever so slight let’s call it brain fog yesterday, not sure why. It wasn’t pain or ache or bothersome, just something I noticed, and this morning it is ever so slightly lingering (mostly gone now that I’ve eaten my beans and egg and pepper). But wow, a whole week with no pain to report, I am feeling so hopeful.

Continuing along with the beans and veggies and nuts and proteins and lots of water. I am needing to inject more variation in my menu. That will come with habit as this new glossary increases. I am seeing that a key to my steadiness is low-inflammation. By consuming foods that do not activate internal inflammation I feel so much clearer.

Through my morning and evening meditation and journaling practices I am feeling more grounded and centered. I’m realizing too, that my attention to tidying my physical surroundings has significance. The daily acts of making my bed and minimalizing clutter and sweeping away the detritus of a family of four are essential in closer living quarters, but are also forms of meditation. It’s how I am wired but I can also use these tendencies now to bring more presence to my days, rather than thinking of them as chores. These practices foster a conscious loving kindness towards my family and myself. I’ve never had an aversion to creating clarity in my physical surroundings. I am seeing the link between the external and the internal. The grounding is manifesting in the physical and the metaphysical. It’s all connected. If only we can be grounded enough to be aware.Wonder of an apple.Excited to bring my Dad’s drafting table to our place as an act of fostering creativity for the family.The daffodils have started to show this week here in Queens.Babysitting a neighbor’s houseplant.

iPhone snaps Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.


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