A New Leaf: Week 8

A New Leaf: Week 8

Two months on this headache and thyroid healing journey! I’m starting to feel the changes on a cellular level. There is an even and steady feel to my body without the dips and fluctuations from added sugars and caffeine. And another week headache-free (minus a small manageable one after a work installation but I know exactly why and the remedy only required two Tylenol so I don’t really count that)! What a welcome change, two smooth weeks now!

The legumes, proteins, water and vegetables are nourishing my body, restoring my gut and balancing my hormones. It seems so simple to focus on consuming the foods and liquids that nature designed to take care of the body. And potentially far less expensive than medications and supplements that leave the body dependent and unnaturally treated. Why doesn’t our healthcare system focus more on these relatively simple and cost-effective plans as health strategies? Why are Americans becoming more and more dependent on medications and chemicals rather than clean and sound diets? It feels like the system favors the mighty dollar over the holistic health of us fellow human beings.

We traveled again for a gymnastics competition and I return headache-free, another victory! I made a concerted effort to drink lots of water throughout the competition, brought my beans again and was very conscientious about what I consumed. Managing pain is feeling very attainable, for this I am so grateful.

iPhone snap Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.


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