A New Leaf: Week 10

A New Leaf: Week 10

It was a very full week as I mentioned in the previous post, April is a marathon month in our household. I made it through the beginning maelstrom without a headache to report, keeping up with the beans and the meals protocol. Sleep is on the list for improvement, as always. But what a relief to have weeks now without a headache or pain medication!

Here’s the week in pictures, words are failing me as this post is already days late. It was Easter week. We happened to see Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio show at MOMA on Good Friday. I noticed the synchronicity of attending the show on the Holy day with the symbolism in the brilliant film. So many correlations: life, death, love, redemption. And I noticed recurring themes in what I chose to keep as photograph memories this week: arches, flowers, works in progress (aren’t we all!), art spaces, paintings. I’ll leave it at that folks, be well!

Passionflower drawing as seen in The Marginalian.

All other iPhone snaps, Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.


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