A New Leaf: Week 12 Clearing

A New Leaf: Week 12 Clearing

Twelve weeks, three months, on this thyroid and headache healing protocol and it feels celebratory! This means three months caffeine free, sugar free, most dairy free (I consume butter), supplement free, fragrance (mostly) free. Wow! That feels like an accomplishment in itself. The major accomplishment is that my headaches have successively diminished. The headaches in the beginning weeks were mostly detox. Going days in a row headache-free is revolutionary for me. And weeks free, wow, this is worth every every effort.

I am so grateful for finding this protocol. Unique Hammond coined the bean protocol after healing her Crohn’s disease under Karen Hurd’s nutrition program. You can read about and listen to her podcasts on her You’re Great platform. I will wait three more months to check my thyroid levels as I want to wait a couple cell mitoses, or the time it takes my body to go through a couple complete mitoses of cells, to accurately gauge my thyroid levels. Halfway there! Beans rock!

This flower room spoke to me. Deeply. On my list for someday 😉 Interesting that I placed my kitchen sink photo before this one. By chance. I included because our landlord replaced our leaky faucet this week. But on closer look, how I have longed for a stone counter…and then there it was in the photo to follow. Perhaps we’ll have a cottage someday. The stone’s on the list 😉

iPhone snaps Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.


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