Lucketts Store, Leesburg, Virginia

Lucketts Store, Leesburg, Virginia

I’ve driven past it more than a hundred times on my way to my Mom’s. I finally got around to visiting Lucketts Store in Leesburg, Virginia. Filled with vintage pieces, charm abounds. I was filling the rooms of my imaginary home in my mind. Boy was it fun!

Photography Beth Horta for Sweet Sabelle.



  • by botanicart, post on | Reply

    So many pretty things!!!

  • by interiorapartment, post on | Reply

    wow this is one of the most incredible things I’ve seen in a while 🙂 Love your blog! XX Cat

    • by sweetsabelle, post on | Reply

      Thank you so much!

  • by Clecira, post on | Reply

    the effort you made to write this article is the proof of how you like to help us, thanks for all.

  • by Candela, post on | Reply

    i enjoy your blog posts, thanks for posting this informative article.

  • by Joy, post on | Reply

    What a treasure trove! Inspiring! Wish I could go there with you. Fun.

    • by sweetsabelle, post on | Reply

      Me too! Thank you!

  • by Judy Bidwell, post on | Reply

    I began visiting Lucketts General Store back in the 1990’s when I lived in Northern Virginia. It is fabulous! And I make a trip to visit a couple of times during the year when I go to visit my son, DIL and grandchildren who live not to far away. It’s an awesome store and PLEASE be sure to visit when they have their Design House open!! A must see!!!

  • by Catrina, post on | Reply

    this blog is great. keep it up, hugs.

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